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Choosing the School of Politics means embracing a transformative journey. We empower you to become a dynamic and influential force in politics. 

🕕 12+ hours learning   📜 Certificate

Your First Step intp Politics

It Has Been Scientifically Developed By A Group Of Political Strategists And Campaign Managers Having Managed Multiple National And State Elections.

Rs.1999 ₹5000

4.9 Rating | 2000+Enrolled

🕕 12+ hours learning   📜 Certificate

राजनीति में पहला कदम

इसे कई राष्ट्रीय और राज्य चुनावों को मैनेज करने वाले राजनीतिक रणनीतिकारों और अभियान प्रबंधकों के एक समूह द्वारा वैज्ञानिक रूप से विकसित किया गया है।

Rs.1999 ₹5000

4.9 Rating | 1500+Enrolled

🕕 20+ hours learning   📜 Certificate

Social Media for Politics

Master the art of making viral videos, increasing followers, be relevant on social media and make a fantastic brand of yourself.

Rs.1999 ₹10000

4.9 Rating | 450+Enrolled

🕕 10+ hours learning 

Art of Political Speech

Master the art of persuasion and influence through powerful and compelling political oratory.

Rs.1999 ₹5000

4.9 Rating | 290+Enrolled

Our Premium Courses

🕕 125+ hours learning    📜 Physical Certificate

Political Campaign and Electoral Strategy

Learn winning campaign tactics from seasoned political experts who’ve secured national and state election victories.

Rs.29,999 ₹1,50,000

4.9 Rating | 500+Enrolled

🕕 75+ hours learning.   📜 Certificate

The Art of Political Success

Discover the secrets to achieving political success from experienced campaigners and strategists. An end-to-end program to make you a successful politician.

Rs.15,999 ₹1,00,000

4.9 Rating | 350+Enrolled

🕕 6+ hours learning.      📜 Certificate

Data Analytics in Politics

Harness the power of data-driven decision-making to enhance your political strategy and stay ahead in the game.

Rs.1999 5000

4.9 Rating | 400+Enrolled

🕕 3+ hours learning

Cadre Building and Management

Develop a loyal and effective cadre to support your political endeavors, guided by expert political organizers.

Rs.999 ₹5000

4.9 Rating | 820+Enrolled

🕕 15+ hours learning.        📜 Certificate

How to know the mood of the Voters

How to conduct Surveys: Gain insight into the nuts and bolts of conducting surveys and research to inform your political actions.

Rs.2999 ₹7500

4.9 Rating | 145+Enrolled

🕕 1 hours learning

Manage Time to be Successful in Politics

 Key to Success in Politics: Unlock the secrets of time management for effective political leadership, as shared by seasoned politicians.

Rs.499 ₹3000

4.9 Rating | 345+Enrolled

🕕 3+ hours learning

Power of Body Language

Understand the significance of body language in politics and how it can impact your image and influence.

Rs.999 ₹5000

4.9 Rating | 1250+Enrolled

🕕 40+ hours learning      📜 Certificate

Indian Politics Unveiled

Explore the forces and factors that shape the dynamic landscape of Indian politics, as explained by experienced political observers and analysts.

Rs.4999 ₹25000

4.9 Rating | 200+Enrolled

Expert trainers who will help you succeed

These industry experts have credible years of
practical experience and unmatched exposure to the realities of Political Campaigns and Electoral Strategy

Abhimanyu Bharti

Political Strategist with 10+ Years of experience in Political Campaigns

Ayush Jain

IIT Kanpur alumnus, expert in content and viral marketing

Rohit Hetamsaria

Chartered Accountant and Expert in Political Finance

Rimjhim Gaur

Grassroot Campaigner and Founder of Sapiens Research and Analysis


Diggaj Mogra

Director, Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting - India’s leading Political Consulting Firm

Shivam Shankar Singh

Author of Bestsellers “How to win an Indian Election” and “The Art of Conjuring Realities”

Srishti Rajiv Sharma

Digital Communication: Head Consultant, Loksabha

Praveen Pranav

IIT Bombay Alumnus and Political Data Expert

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