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We at School of Politics have carefully curated an online course for Political Campaigns and Electoral Strategy with in-depth modules, hands-on practicals and assignments in order to impart a holistic learning experience. As it is the most in-demand and rewarding skill, one will have an exponential learning curve and career growth through this Certification programme.

10th Jul, 2024

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10 Modules

  1. Introduction to Politics, Campaigns and Elections
  2. Geography and Politics
  3. History and Politics
  4. Politics and types of Election
  5. Election Commission of India and Model Code of Conduct
  6. Society and Politics
  7. Caste and Politics
  8. Class and Politics
  9. Political Ideology
  10. Political Party and Regional Politics

10 Modules

  1. Administrative, Electoral and Political Divisions
  2. Census
  3. Social, Political History, Class and Caste Dynamics
  4. Understanding Issues, Political Party and Figures
  5. Figuring Sentiments and Aspirations
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Election Data Analysis
  8. Quantitative Research
  9. Qualitative Research and Content Analysis
  10. Reliability, Validity, Triangulation and Report Creation

15 Modules

  1. Introduction and Types of Political Campaigns
  2. Conceptualizing Campaign
  3. Pillars of Campaign - Audience
  4. Pillars of Campaign - Message and Creative
  5. Pillars of Campaign - Message and Creative
  6. Pillars of Campaign - Digital Media
  7. Pillars of Campaign - Outdoor Media
  8. Pillars of Campaign - Political Events
  9. Pillars of Campaign - Research
  10. Pillars of Campaign - Data
  11. Pillars of Campaign - Technology
  12. Pillars of Campaign - Cadre
  13. Pillars of Campaign - Electoral Strategy
  14. Planning Modules
  15. Campaign Budgeting and Campaign Effectiveness

5 Modules

  1. Copywriting
  2. Visual Perception
  3. Basic Designing and Tools
  4. Basics of Video Making and Tools
  5. Election Commission Norms

5 Modules

  1. Introduction to Data and Data Sourcing
  2. Database and Data Storage
  3. Data Interpretation and Representation
  4. Use of Data
  5. Data Security and Tools

10 Modules

  1. Types of Traditional Media
  2. News Content
  3. Advertisement and Media Planning
  4. Advertising Copy and Design Strategy
  5. Outdoor Media I
  6. Outdoor Media II
  7. Collaterals
  8. Basics of Event Management
  9. Special Political Event I
  10. Special Political Event II

5 Modules

  1. Introduction to Social Media and Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin
  5. SMS, IVR, Whatsapp, Audio and Video Bridge

5 Modules

  1. Project Management
  2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  3. Material Management
  4. Ground Operation Management
  5. Human Resource Management

5 Modules

  1. Party Cadre - Meaning, Incentives, Structure
  2. Cadre Creation, Verification, Training, Engagement and Activation
  3. Introduction to Stakeholders, Types and Communication
  4. Rapport Building and Managing Expectations
  5. Conflict Resolution

5 Modules

  1. Agenda Setting and Manifesto
  2. Strategic Events
  3. Visibility
  4. Undercurrent and Nuisances
  5. Silent Period and Silent Voting

Contribute to Politics and Governance of the country, without being part of any political party

Be the next Master Strategist

Expert trainers who will help you succeed

These industry experts have credible years of
practical experience and unmatched exposure to the realities of Political Campaigns and Electoral Strategy

Abhimanyu Bharti

Political Strategist with 10+ Years of experience in Political Campaigns

Ayush Jain

IIT Kanpur alumnus, expert in content and viral marketing

Rohit Hetamsaria

Chartered Accountant and Expert in Political Finance

Rimjhim Gaur

Grassroot Campaigner and Founder of Sapiens Research and Analysis


Diggaj Mogra

Director, Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting - India’s leading Political Consulting Firm

Shivam Shankar Singh

Author of Bestsellers “How to win an Indian Election” and “The Art of Conjuring Realities”

Srishti Rajiv Sharma

Digital Communication: Head Consultant, Loksabha

Praveen Pranav

IIT Bombay Alumnus and Political Data Expert

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Overall Industry Market Size

Total Estimated Size ~60,000 Cr annually and tripling almost every 10-12 years

Currently, only 35% Manpower requirement fulfilled

Manpower requirement expected to double up every three years


Live & interactive sessions by Political Experts

Suited for Market Demand

Assisted Placement Support

Recorded Lectures

One on One Feedback sessions

Guest lectures from industry leaders

Practical and Assignments

Flexible Payment Schedule

Unique opportunity to become a part of the election process and influence policy making


Students/ Freshers

Start your Career in one of the most promising and demanding fields. Join the top companies with rewarding salaries and create an impact which you want to


It’s time to leave behind monotonous, boring jobs and contribute to the challenging field of nation-building. Switch your career and step into the promising world of Political Consulting that ensures growth and immense scope

Political Consultants and Freelancers

Already in Political Campaigns, but want to grow exponentially in every possible manner? Learn all the stuff needed to rule the domain and be the best in the Political Consulting domain


Start your Career in one of the most promising and demanding fields. Join the top companies with rewarding salaries and create an impact which you want to


In-Depth understanding of the political ecosystem, election mechanism, societal expectations, resource and budget requirements for campaigns

Understanding, creating and executing the seamless flow of political campaigns using 360-degree approach

Utilizing advanced data and latest technologies to keep pace with the changing needs of industry

To equip with the concept of traditional media, outdoor media, digital media and skills of executing large scale operations to disseminate political narrative and message


100+ Hours of Live Training

  • 100% Assisted Placement

25 Assignments

10 Guest Lectures

One on One Session with Trainers

Industry Connect

Live Case Studies

Paid Internship

Learning based on Implementation

Feedback Session

Group Discussions

Placement Training

50+ Readymade Formats

Direct Access to the Top Leadership

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Direct Access to the Top Leadership

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Self Identity and Self Respect

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Contribute to Politics and Governance of the country, without being part of any political party

Be the next Master Strategist

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