Virtual Summer Leadership Camp

Nurture leadership skills at young age

Camp Starts on - 25th May, 2024

Why this camp?

Learn from the best experts
Nurture to lead at the right age
Prepare yourself for the future challenges
Connect with peers, mentors, and industry professionals to open doors to future opportunities
Networking opportunity of a lifetime

25th May, 2024

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3 Weeks

40+ Hours

₹17,999 ₹50,000

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Class 6 to 12 Students

About the Mentors

Abhimanyu Bharti

Founder of the “School of Politics

Abhimanyu has extensive experience working with leadership. He has worked at leadership positions with Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC), Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting in the past and has worked for the top political leaders such as Shri Narendra Modi in 2014 and 2019, Shri Nitish Kumar in 2015, Capt. Amarinder Singh in 2017 and business leaders such as Shri M.P.Lodha .

Ayush Jain

Co-Founder, School of Politics.

Ayush is a IIT Kanpur alumni.
He has worked for top political leaders such as Shri Nitish Kumar, Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy, Capt. Amarinder Singh while working in Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC), worked for “Sadhguru” at Isha Foundation, worked with Founders of OkCredit, one of India’s leading fin-tech start-ups to drive 50 Million+ downloads and a 3 Million+ active user base.

About the Virtual Leadership Camp

Unlock leadership potential with our Virtual Summer Leadership Camp!
Led by mentors from the esteemed School of Politics, our program offers a transformative experience designed to cultivate essential skills for future leaders.

Camp is backed by expertise gained from working with renowned Political leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Spiritual leader “Sadhguru”, Business leader Mr. M.P.Lodha, Start-up leader Mr. Harsh Pokharna among others. Our virtual camp empowers students with strategic thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving abilities.

From interactive workshops to real-world projects, we provide a dynamic platform for kids to flourish in any field. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your future. Apply now and soar to new heigh

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What will you learn in the program?

Module 01

  • Foundations of Leadership Theory
  • Leadership Styles and Practices
  • Qualities of Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Development and Skills Enhancement
  • Contemporary Issues in Leadership

Module 02

  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Non-verbal Communication Skills
  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Persuasive Communication Strategies
  • Enhancing Communication Effectiveness

Module 03

  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Strategies for Fostering Collaboration

Module 04

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem-Solving Frameworks
  • Ethical Decision-Making Processes
  • Analytical Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Creative Problem-Solving Methods

Module 05

  • Understanding Emotions
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Developing Empathy
  • Cultivating Self-Awareness
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness

Module 06

  • Crafting Compelling Speeches
  • Structuring Effective Presentations
  • Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Engaging the Audience
  • Using Visual Aids Effectively

Module 07

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • Vision Setting
  • Goal Alignment
  • Plan Execution Strategies
  • Long-Term Success Factors

Practical Project

Hands-on opportunities for students to apply leadership skills in real-world settings, such as organizing events, leading community service projects, or managing teams

Mentors have worked for national leaders

Shri Narendra Modi


Captain Amarinder Singh

Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy

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